here’s to 3!

Today, my little baby turns three years old!

IMG 6776

I never knew how much life could change in three short years. From her making me a mother on Friday, November 23rd, 2012 to learning to take care of someone else’s needs more than my own, to learning more than I thought I ever could.

IMG 7060

She has shaped, shocked, surprised, and strengthened me more than I knew anyone could. Pretty surprising that that can come from a tiny human!

IMG 6917

Although she’s still on the shy side, she has a warm heart to those she knows and loves, and her compassion is remarkable. She’s more observant than…possibly me and just as particular as I am 😉

IMG 7000

Nia, I didn’t think that someone could steal my heart as fiercely as you have done, but you have. And you always will.

Happy Birthday to my little angel who I love more than the stars in the sky!! XOXO

We will be off celebrating her day today and have FAMILY in town (wahoo!!). Something we’ve dearly missed! I also plan to bake this girl some vanilla cupcakes later – as per her request!!

the 5am club!


Tyler and I decided this past Sunday that we were going to finally join the exclusive 5am club.  What makes it SO exclusive is the fact that not a lot of other people are really in it (perhaps because they haven’t set the intention or it’s not even on their radar…yet!). The world is still… 

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taking your coffee to the next level!


I have a fun post for you all today! I figured if I can jump on for a few minutes, I might as well captivate you with coffee talk. (Clearly the only priority we should all have in life.) Today I’m going to be sharing with you a superfood coffee. It’s actually inspired by this… 

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moving on up!


I really have to make blogging a priority again. I miss it. Plus, periodically reading other people’s blogs make me want to do it even more. Consider this a tiny little promise to improve. So something exciting went on this past Monday: we moved!! Today’s post will focus on that because I have a few… 

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choosing to embrace change


Guys, I can’t help it, but I’m getting more philosophical as the days past. Just kidding.  But I did read one amazing thing via Brian Johnson (my philosophy guru) the other day that really stuck with me and I’d be selfish to not pass it along to you. When we think of perspective, there are… 

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what would you do with an extra hour everyday?


Happy Monday to you. I can’t believe it is now November. Soon it’s going to be Nia’s birthday and then Christmas. I think I’m more excited for Nia’s birthday just because I kind of love her. 😉 And can you believe that the time fell back yesterday too? It kind of inspired me to really… 

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