Life Stories (because blogging took the back-burner)

Hello to those who thought I might not return again! I can’t believe it was two Mondays ago that I blogged last. Oops. It must mean my life was far too interesting to spend time on the computer. And you know what? Part of that is true. That’s why I thought today would be a good time to go over some life stories with you. The type I’ve been out doing. I hope you enjoy and let’s get back to a semi-regular blogging schedule in the future. 


Life story #1: Canada’s Wonderland

Two Wednesdays ago, we had the pleasure of heading to Canada’s Wonderland with some of my family. You know you’re a parent when you’re more excited to see the look on your child’s face for their first theme park ride than your own.

Canada's Wonderland - Nia

She owned the kiddie rides like such a big girl. Mama be proud.

But if I’m being completely honest, I was actually very excited to go on some rides myself – especially those roller coasters. It had been since before I was pregnant when I last rode one and I’m a huge lover of roller coasters. In the time I’ve been deprived of that pleasure, Wonderland has built a new coaster, so I was very keen to try it. My mom wanted to let Tyler and I slip off to do some “adult rides” while she stayed with Nia. We decided we would test out the second newest roller coaster because it’s one we’ve both rode in the past and we knew it was good. Plus, it was only a 20-minute wait; the newer one we weren’t so sure about because the wait time was much longer (according to my uncle who had already been on it since he arrived at the park earlier than us). It was exactly what I needed: a good turn of the stomach and left me speechless—literally. I couldn’t voice anything even though I tried throughout the whole ride. After catching up with my mom and her giving us the a-okay to attempt the newest roller coaster, we left her with Nia again (news alert: Nia loves the carousel and swings). 

Carousel at Wonderland


We found the coaster, and while in-line for it, we didn’t realize how deep and wide the line actually was, so we decided to get out and asked an employee how long the wait was — one hour, she said. For both of us, that wasn’t really how we wanted to spend our time. So, we decided to walk over to these new games they have at entrances to the bigger rides, where for $5 you play a plinko-type game (think: Price is Right style) and a ping-pong ball bounces to a slot at the bottom (there are about 20 slots) with fast passes for certain rides. We took a shot hoping the ball would land in the ‘Leviathan’ slot and what do you know, it did! Best $5 ever spent because instead of waiting in line for an hour, we got on the ride in five minutes, flat.

Fast Pass!

Waiting in line

We ended on that note, and decided to hook back up with my mom and Nia. We walked around the park with my mom until we found the rest of our family we came with and then we said good-bye so we could get Nia home for dinner and bed. Part of me is itching to get back to Florida so we can go to Disney!



Life story #2: Nia joins gymnastics.

After Nia’s little arm incident, plus knowing I would be home for an extended period of time, I decided to check out the local gymnastics club located close to my mom’s house. They run 4-week summer camps, so I knew I had to sign Nia up for it because she pretty much talks about gymnastics on the daily. We actually had to miss her very first class because we were out of town, but she has now successfully been to two and LOVES it. They do trampoline work, bars and rings, tumble track, floor (warm-up), and balance beam activities. The best part is that I get to be in there with her and soak up her excitement.

Nia at gymnastics

Nia at gymnastics 2



Life story #3: Visiting wineries at Niagara-on-the-Lake +  first night away from Nia as a couple.

Originally when we returned home to Canada, I tried to set up a girls’ night away at the wineries, but it just never happened because of scheduling conflicts. Luckily, Tyler’s ok with being my back-up and agreed to accompany me to the wineries/Niagara-on-the-Lake (NOTL) last Saturday because I was dying to go. We had run the idea by my mom a few days earlier to see if she could watch Nia, and she said yes!

Tyler ended up working Saturday morning, so once he was done and we got everything organized, we were finally out the door by mid-afternoon. I had minor worrying thoughts about leaving Nia, but I knew she was in good hands (my mom actually stayed with her at my grandparents’ house). Originally once we arrive in NOTL, we were going to check into our place first, but one of my winery choices was right off the highway and we were driving past it, so it made sense to stop (and then we kept going from there haha). In total, we stopped at three wineries, which were (in order):

  1. Southbrook Vineyard
  2. Ravine Vineyard Estate Winery
  3. Hinterbrook Estate Winery

(I’ll plan to do a more detailed post on these wineries later this week or next, so keep an eye out for that!)

Soutbrook Vineyard - inside

After visiting the wineries (and majorly stocking up!), we finally made our way to the cottage we were staying at. This was probably the best part about the trip because originally Tyler tried to find us a hotel room last minute, but everything was completely booked, so he called a B&B that also was completely booked, but owned an off-site cottage. This cottage normally rents out on a weekly (not daily) basis, but since it wasn’t in use that week, they graciously let us rent it for the night. We pretty much had a whole house to ourselves for the same price as it would have cost for a hotel room. 

Our little cottage

After getting settled into our cottage, we drank some more wine, got dressed up, then walked to the downtown area, which was a 2-minute walk from where we were staying. Again, being as super prepared as we were, we didn’t have a dinner reservation anywhere, so we walked the main street scouting out a location. We decided on Treadwell (LINK), but the earliest reservation they had was 9:30pm. We took it and thought we would keep exploring and settling in for a drink and appetizer at another location to pass sometime. We ended up heading back to the restaurant at 8:30pm just to see if anything had opened up earlier, and they let us in! After enjoying dinner (and some more wine!), we walked back to our place, relaxed and watched some TV before calling it a (childless!) night! It was incredibly enjoyable to spend some time with just the hubby. I can’t believe we waited over 2.5 years to get out on our own. 

Wineries date night

Before heading back to see Nia, we actually stopped in at Southbrook again to do a wine swap and I thought, what the heck, I might as well do another sampling. We ended up getting some more wine and then headed on our way to St. Catharines to get lunch before finally making it back to my grandparents’ house. Nia was actually napping when we arrived back there, so I patiently waited for her to get up before I gave her a big hug!

And now onto the final and newest life story…

Life story #4: The RBC Canadian Open

Finally a story I’m sharing that JUST happened. The Canadian Open took place in Oakville, Ontario this past weekend at Glen Abbey, and while the hubby was there everyday of the tournament, I came with Nia on Saturday, and then I accompanied the hubby alone on Sunday while Nia stayed back with my grandparents. The coolest part is that my hubby is actually working with someone on tour (this is news I haven’t really shared until now) and his player just so happened to be playing in this tournament. It was super convenient that the tournament was in Oakville so we could stay with my grandparents and be super close to the golf course. I’m pretty sure I completely fit the bill for #proudgolfwife.

Hubby coaching at Canadian Open

He’s the one in the grey pants and blue shirt.


And that’s about it before this post turns into a novel (more so than it already is). I’ve missed the food side of posting, so I hope to get back there soon. In all honesty, food itself has been super tough since we’re constantly moving around and staying with different family members so our meals have been completely off. Perhaps that would be a good post to share: how to TRY to maintain a healthy lifestyle while living out of a bag!

Happy Monday and hope you all have a lovely night!

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