stand/sit arm workout

I have this problem with not doing workouts because I’m pregnant and lazy I don’t have a plan or someone telling which moves to do. This doesn’t exactly work out well for me because then I end up not doing any workout at all…and just running!

Time for things to change.

Yesterday I decided to get off my pity horse and put together an arm workout – no other person required! It honestly took me 5 minutes to come up with. To think, all that avoiding doing a workout at home for nothing!

Hope you enjoy.

* back flat against wall, feet as close to wall as you can get them, arms right by your side pushed against wall, curl up


Stand for the first two moves, sit (ie: lie on your back) for the next two moves, stand again for the next two moves, and then back to seated for the last two moves. –> wasn’t well thought out as a pregnant woman though 😛


  • do 10-20 jumping jacks between sets to keep heart rate up
  • add some lower body
    • do deadlift for every bent over row
    • lift and hold your hips in a bridge for flies and pullovers
  • do more than 3 rounds or increase reps or increase weight amount!

For me, this was the perfect transition workout I needed to get back into a routine of doing my own workouts (without over-thinking them!)

I might get adventurous and come up with a leg workout next time, or even better, a combo workout!!


Have a great Tuesday!!!


What are YOU doing today to get your workout in?!



  1. Lili says

    I took a zumba class tonight for the first time in months! It was fun, but I’m really looking forward to my ballet class tomorrow.


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