i’m still here

My due date is 2 days away now, and I will do whatever it takes to induce labour. Sadly, I’m still here. I haven’t posted the past 2 days to not try and fool you all, but because surprisingly things get busy when you least expect them (funny how that works).

Yesterday, I thought I had school, to drive all the way there (45 mins) and find out class was cancelled. Don’t you just love when that happens? The prof had posted on the course main page at 8:53am that she wasn’t feeling well. Good thing me and my 3 other friends all checked…not. The only good thing about the whole situation was I got to hang out with them instead of learning about the fundamentals of nutrition.

I should point out that this is the second time she has cancelled class in the past 2 weeks – luckily last time I actually checked the course page before going to class for some reason. I should totally email her that her cancelled classes before the baby comes are kinda screwing me over. I coulda used this cancelled class stuff in the weeks to come!

I also decided to be a productive student when I did get home from my fake-out class, and did some work (hence the lack of blog post yesterday).

Then, the day before that is my hubby’s day off. He works all weekend, so he takes Monday’s off instead. We got a surprise phone call for an invite to see the Raptors play that very night. We clearly took it. Between a midwife appointment, needing to do a little bit of work, driving downtown to eat and attend the game, yet again, no time for a blog post, but I can show you some awesome stuff, like food and basketball to make it up to you!!

If you’re from the GTA and have never eaten at Fresh, you must do it ASAP. This is where we went for dinner. I had coupons that expire in 2 days so it was perfect timing.

I’ve heard great things about their onion rings, so obviously it was a mandatory starter (with a side of chipotle avocado).

IMG 1842

The hubby had the BBQ burger as his main.

IMG 1843

And, my dish was called the ‘beach bowl’ over brown basmati rice.

IMG 1844

We pretty much ate and ran because we had to pick up the kid (and his sister) that got us the basketball tickets as we were going with them to the game! It was pretty nice for one of Tyler’s golf students to think of him to invite along to the game! :)

It’s always exciting going to a basketball game when you’re 39.5 weeks pregnant… and also when the Raptors and Jazz go into triple overtime.

IMG 1854

IMG 1850

I also want to point out that it might not be as exciting when you text your one friend at 39.5 weeks pregnant with the opening phrase “you’ll never guess where I am right now!” I’ll have to remember to be more wise with my words next time.

Just a few more random things then I promise I’m done…like taking pictures of Raptors cheerleaders because you love how toned their backs are (well, one in particular).

IMG 1852

I told Tyler that I would love for my back to look like this in the near future…he most definitely thinks I’m crazy.

And finally, my niece Ayla got dedicated on Sunday, so I decided to make cupcakes for the occasion.

IMG 1840

I’m sad to say that the husband just finished off the last one last night, which totally means I should bake more today, along with some muffins and hopefully the ‘nesting’ will bring on some labour.

Today would kinda be a good day to have the baby because my hubby was born on the 15th and I was born on the 16th, so a ’14th’ baby would make our little ensemble go nicely together. I guess the 17th would work too, but that adds an additional 3 days to being pregnant, so I regress.

Bring your labour vibes to me today…pretty please!



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