the beginning of nesting

Well, I think my maternal “nesting” is kicking in because I sure got a lot accomplished this past weekend. Although I’m still not fairly certain I’m mentally ready for when this baby comes, at least our house is on its way.

I had been waiting for various baby products to arrive by mail, so until I had them all, I put off washing all baby stuff. In retrospect, that probably wasn’t wise had something happened where the baby came early, but at least we’re in the safe zone now! I’m not gonna lie, but I was happy when that last baby item I ordered had come in the mail, because I was ready to get everything washed, folded, and put away.

IMG 1765

I hate folding laundry, but for some reason, folding mini clothing just doesn’t feel like a chore (and hence why this is folded, while our laundry is sitting upstairs in the laundry basket getting nice and wrinkled!). The next step was to put these tiny people clothes away, but I had to accomplish my other nesting task next – clean the new dresser/change table.

IMG 1761

I used pipin’ hot water and mixed in a little natural cleaner to clean this and the crib. I doubt that I’ve ever cleaned anything else new when I was the one using it, but suddenly with a baby coming into the picture, you want to do everything you can to ensure you’re keeping that baby safe. Just like buying organic cotton sheets for the crib was a priority, yet the husband and I definitely do not sleep on organic sheets. We’re clearly unworthy of the best of the best for ourselves :P.

While I was busy cleaning, the husband hung my DIY art project.

IMG 1763

Even though the baby’s room is very bare (we have the crib in our room, as we want to start the baby in it from the beginning), I still wanted to get a little something up in it, and then work at it as we go! We actually have the change table in the spot where the crib will eventually go, but until I’m done painting the tree on the opposite wall (will post about it when it’s done!), the table’s spot will remain under the elephant, monkey and giraffe.

IMG 1762

Next step is to vacuum everything (another chore I’m not a fan of), finally put clothes in drawers and patiently wait. My version of ‘patiently’ will probably turn into somebody get this baby outta me!!  It actually kind of already started with my instagram post yesterday…woops!

IMG 1764

When are you coming baby?!

I’m sure there will be plenty more nesting in days to come, but I’d like to think that we got a pretty good start so far!


New mama’s: best tip for the anticipation of the baby’s arrival and what I can do to get through these next couple of weeks!!



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