thursday things in new november

Wow I can’t believe that another month has past. Not only are we whipping through this year, but my pregnancy as well. Scary!

I thought I would start the new month (conveniently on a Thursday) with some Thursday things!

1. I can now officially say when people ask that I am due THIS month. Thanks for hanging out in there baby to get past some major things in school (like that dreaded midterm).

2. Even though my mom and I picked up what we thought was everything to complete the crib last Thursday, it turns out the mattress was NOT what we intended.


I had thought that we were getting an organic mattress, but once we were home and everything was all assembled, I was putting the mattress in the crib and something about it didn’t feel right. I looked at the material in the mattress and yup, just what I feared, polyurethane foam.

3. I could list a ton of reasons why this foam is so bad, but I’ll let my lovely resources do that for me ;).

4. A week after picking up this stupid mattress, it is now going back to where it belongs…ie: far, far away from my house.

5. In good news, little babe’s list is almost complete!!


6. New mattress is ordered (from elsewhere obviously), but won’t arrive until November 9th. Does this worry you, that if I go into labour early that the baby won’t have a mattress? Oh, cause it worries me!

7. I officially have the weirdest sleep patterns ever. (Might be from all the worrying.)


This isn’t unusual for me to be wide awake at this time. When else would it make sense to do baby research and get things accomplished?!

8. I only have to commute to school once this week (ie: just today and not today and Tuesday) because my prof got stuck in Chicago on Tuesday due to Sandy. I’m not gonna lie, but I was ecstatic that I didn’t have to drive in. But I do feel for all of those who are going through some rough times right now.

9. I have my midwife home visit next week. They do a home visit before the baby actually comes so a) they know where you live and where to come find you when you do go into labour and b) because they rock and will do this again after you have the baby so you don’t have to go to them within that first crazy week of having a newborn!

10. Our little ‘guess the gender’ game has gone from 15 votes since I posted the guesses, to 36! I’d love to get it to 50 somehow!

And finally…

11. Because it is a brand new month, it means new goals (and l’ll also eventually get around to reflecting on my October goals). So here are some I have tentatively set; I say ‘tentatively’ because I have NO flipping clue how this month is going to go.


  • Deliver a healthy baby.
  • Pack hospital bag (this is like an immediately do it now type goal).
  • Stay on top of rest of work due for the semester (ie: assignment question due this Friday, discussion week next week, internal controls assignment due by November 25th).
  • Plan and make more meals + have enough to freeze!
  • Get snow tires on the jeep.
  • Finally finish painting tree in baby’s room (such a work in progress for me, but if I actually just sat down and focused it would get done).
  • Practice prenatal yoga.

I think I better stop with the list or else it might be more than 2am that I’m seeing in the middle of the night!!

(How convenient is it that I stopped at 11 thoughts seeing as November is the 11th month. Man, I’m so talented!)


Any goals that you’re setting this month?

What makes you unable to sleep at night?!



  1. Amanda N says

    I have a hard time falling asleep initially or going back to sleep already – and I’m not pregnant! I’m a thinker and worrier and I can’t get it all out of my head to relax and sleep. Sometimes I’ll read a book to get my mind off of everything and it helps. Goals this month are to keep running as it gets colder, keep trying new recipes, and shop for Christmas gifts! Hope your home visit goes well!

  2. says

    I am SO excited for you! I can not believe the baby will be here soon! Congrats again! So happy for you!

    Sounds like you are ready for the baby too, got it all together 😉

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