CSA pickup: week 2

I know it’s Sunday (and the Sunday of a long weekend in Canada!), but I just wanted to show you what I got in my week two pickup for my CSA!

Yesterday when I went to the farmer’s market, it was actually way later than last week’s pickup (11:30am vs. 8:30am). Luckily, it worked in my favour because I was the last one to pick up the items, so I got to take as much as I wanted. Here’s a look at the items we have for this week’s use.

Our CSA pickup:

Week two 1


Week two 2

As well as…

Week two 3

Also in the mix were green onions, but they were buried deep in one of the bags that I missed photographing them!

So what did we take extra of? Pretty much everything.


We pretty much got double the amount of spring mix salad, baby spinach and sunflower sprouts. Then up for grabs were as much as you wanted for broccoli, cauliflower and arugula. 

I definitely took advantage of the free-for-all broccoli, because I’m a broccoli freak!

How we plan to use the items:

  • salads: for spinach, spring salad mix, green onions, arugula, sunflower sprouts and pea shoots.
  • burgers: spinach, arugula, sunflower sprouts, pea shoots, lettuce (as toppings), and garlic scapes in burger itself.
  • dessert: use the strawberries for a strawberry shortcake
  • buffalo “wings”: use the cauliflower to make wings out of them
  • crispy broccoli: oven-baked broccoli (most likely paired with sweet potatoes and BBQ’d tofu)
  • cold salads: attempt making some cold salads and use whatever is left (like a cold chickpea salad, as one option)!
  • tacos/taco salad: use the lettuce as a hearty base for a taco salad
  • smoothies: spinach goes all up in my smoothie!! (at least 2 handfuls per smoothie)

These are just some of the options I have in my head for how to use the items this week.

Overall, another good week. We still have a few items left over from last week (like the green onions, rhubarb and some salad mix), but we did manage to use everything else up pretty quickly, and I look forward to trying to do that again this week!

Hope you’re enjoying the weekend so far and see ya all in July! 😉



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