crossfit: before vs. after pregnancy

Since getting back into crossfit and crossfit-type workouts since having Nia, I thought it would be good to reflect on how these workouts have changed prior to becoming pregnant and after having a baby.

Your body definitely goes through a lot of changes throughout pregnancy, and even I was interested to see how my body would stand up to such intense style workouts before and after.



  • My endurance was better. I don’t know if a baby pushing on my diaphragm permanently changed how I breathe, but it definitely was way easier to bust out these tough workouts.
  • My lower body was strong. I think from being a runner (and a former dancer), that my lower body has always been stronger. I really have the weakest upper body and it showed in workouts (with all the pull-ups, push-ups, etc).
  • I enjoyed the challenge. Not that I don’t enjoy the challenge since having Nia, but every day, itself, is a challenge now. Whereas, before Nia, I could handle it because I was bringing it on myself.
  • I pushed hard. I never limited myself and accepted the challenges. Mainly because I could be sore and not have to worry about moving around with a little human attached to me…oh, how that’s changed!



  • My motivation is higher. I think pregnancy changed me in this sense, because I so was not a team player before. I liked to be in my own little corner, doing my own thing. Maybe because now that I have someone else to cheer on (Nia pretty much doing anything and everything in life!), it makes me more accepting to be motivated?
  • My upper body has improved in strength. It just goes to show that carrying around a baby all day is no fair task! Without even realizing it, my upper body has become much stronger, and has helped me get through the tough upper body portions of workouts. I still have a long way to go, but I definitely notice that having a baby has kickstarted this progression.
  • My reason for it has changed. I always want to workout to stay in shape, but now I also need the mental break and little time for myself. Even when Nia is there, she keeps herself so content that it still does feel like I’m getting a little time to myself, and it’s awesome!
  • I need a little (extra) help. Especially when Nia has a rough night or we’re just doing a lot before I get a chance to head over to the gym. I usually take the Vega pre-workout energizer and it gives me the little boost I need.
  • My body functions differently. Although my body looks like it did pre-baby, there are some major differences. My abs are different (still not completely together), my posture has changed, my hips are a work in progress, and my mind lacks complete clarity. I roll with the punches now.

All-in-all, I love that I’m able to workout and crossfit has been a good fit, seeing as my husband works at a place that makes it possible. Before baby it was obviously easy, because I could attend any class I please. But even now after baby, my hubby lets me know when he has some free time and I come over, and we either bust out a workout together while Nia hangs in the stroller, or he’ll watch her while I do my workout (or Carly watches Nia while Tyler and I do one together). Another awesome bonus is that workouts aren’t that long; you can bust one out in under 10 minutes! And, it really is awesome that Tyler’s office is 10 steps from where we do crossfit, so it really is an ideal setting for me to get my workout in!


For those curious, my hubby works in the sports field and at a sports-specific place called the Athlete Institute. If you are from the GTA and haven’t heard of it, check it out (or if you need a golf lesson – I know a guy ;)). It seriously is his dream job and I’m so happy for him!

And for samples of what those workouts have been looking like that we’ve been doing, check HERE

Do you think we have another potential crossfitter on our hands?!

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    It’s funny to me how much more cautious I am after having my son. I have always been pretty adventurous, but now I’m kind of a baby! It was also pretty fascinating to see how much my body changed even I I was at pre- pregnancy weight. I carry weight in different places now and my core is still weak. Great job getting back at it!
    Heather Murphy recently posted…Lower body + abs 30 min circuitMy Profile

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    That’s awesome you have a crossfit box right next to your hubby’s work! I haven’t done much crossfit, but would love to try it out someday. My body is definitely different after pregnancy too. I weigh about the same and look similar, but it’s still different and maybe a little more squishy. I’m totally OK with that though!
    Ashley @ My Food N Fitness Diaries recently posted…08/15/13: Thursday ThoughtsMy Profile

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      That’s awesome that you get to do crossfit so easily:) My body is definitely different after pregnancy as well. I don’t have the endurance anymore and I feel like somedays a 3 mile walk is my workout for the day. That wouldn’t have happened pre-pregnancy. Oh well. I’m looking forward to getting back into running soon! My gym requires kids to be 6 mos. and Aiden will be there on Sept. 4:)

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    I feel the same way about upper body strength! Which I LOVE because I’ve always been self-conscious about my arms. I actually blogged about being scared that my biceps would disappear back when Mason learned to walk, haha. No, keep making me carry you, I NEED IT!
    Kim @ healthy nest recently posted…Beach pics!My Profile


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