CSA pickup: week 15

We are now 3/4 of the way through our share. These have been some of the best weeks worth of veggies I’ve ever had. I’ve been loving the free choice bell peppers because I’m a bell pepper hog (and rightfully so, those things are pricey when organic!).

This week’s pickup signaled the true signs of fall coming: winter squash! We got 2 ginormous spaghetti squashes this week, and we’ve already almost inhaled the first one.

Photo 3 23

Simple, but so delicious spaghetti squash recipe:

  • cut in half lengthwise
  • deseed each half
  • cover (using your hands) the flesh with EVOO (make sure it’s all over the cut side) 
  • bake at 350F for 20-30 mins face down on cookie sheet
  • remove from oven and using a fork flake it out of the skin (should look like spaghetti strands, hence the name!)
  • season with salt and pepper, and be experimental with spices (cumin, garlic powder, onion powder, chili flakes, etc – sky’s the limit!!)

And then try not to eat a whole half to yourself. Or do ;).

Our CSA pickup this week:

Photo 4 4

Again, I’m all about taking the picture of the board. Well, it was actually the hubby this week that picked up the stuff cause I had to spend the morning getting ready. He did the two things that I asked of him: take a picture of the board and get as many bell peppers as possible if they’re free choice this week. He’s the best :). (I know that is says ‘6’ peppers on the board, but they did have leftovers to choose from also, so we got 6 + a bag’s worth.)

It’s only Monday and we’re through 1 spaghetti squash, about 60% of the peppers, 1/4 of the spinach, a few turnips, all the leeks, and 1/2 of the potatoes.

Because when you have potatoes and leeks together in a pickup, you need to make potato-leek soup. It’s mandatory.

Photo 2 7

And delicious. (And another super simple recipe, like the squash.)

There are no other real plans to use the rest of the items, other than to randomly include them in dishes. This seems pretty easy because it’s story of my life each week!

In cute baby news, in order to get rid of Nia’s lingering cradle cap, we decided to put some cream on her scalp last night and this resulted:

Photo 1 8

I melt, laugh so hard I cry, and die from this picture.

I hope everyone’s week is off to a good start. I feel calm and collected about school so far today, but I’m sure if you talk to me 2 classes in tomorrow, it will be a whole other story :).

Favourite type of squash? I don’t think I really realized how delicious spaghetti squash is. B-nut better be careful!!



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